Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bailey in ER DO NOT INDUCE VOMIT WITH SALT like what the internet says

Two days ago while jack was munching at a packet of dried squid, he didn't realize that the packet of preservative had fallen onto the couch. Bailey teared open the bag and started licking the white powder. We read the label which said it was not poisonous but to drink lots of water since it's suppose to dehydrate. The first thing that came to our mind was to induce him to vomit.

We looked up the internet to find ways of doing that. The 2 general method that has been widely posted all over the net was either with a teaspoon of Salt or hydrogen peroxide. Since Salt is more easily available and also sounds like the more natural remedy, we used salt. (Hydrogen peroxide is the correct thing to use. But please just call the vet for exact instructions)

He vomited 2-3 times until we see yellow almost neon colored foam (which is suposed to be his bile juice) . He immediately ran to the garden and had very bad diarrhea. We thought everything was fine and continues to fed him his usual food. The next morning we found some vomit in his crate, but thought that was fine. It was not until the next day at night when the 3 of us were just watching TV on the couch that we notice something different with Bailey. It was already 11:30pm, usually he would just be happy to snuggle with us on the couch. He kept leaving the couch and seemed preoccupied with something. We went to check on him and found piles of vomit all around the house. Vomit on the living room carper, on the sofa, in the hall way, in the tv room carpet, everwhere.. He was looking sick, he would just stand still only to vomit again ever few minutes.

His regular vet was closed, so we called adobe-animal hospital in Los Altos. The emergency line told us to cut off food and water and give him 5mg of Pepcid AC and bring him in if the vomiting continues tomorrow. So we did that and went to bed worried about how he was doing.

We woke up at 7:30am to check on how he was doing. Only to find that his crate and his gated patio was filled with puke. The poor guy was very weak, the puking continued even though there was nothing left but just water and foam. At about 11am, was the first time he started puking blood (blood mixed with puke, pink color but you could even smell the iron smell from the puke). We rushed him to the ER immediately. The poor guy was exhausted at this point. The doctor saw him, and when his temperature was taken there was blood in his anus as well.
We were extremely worried about the little guy at this point, he was lifeless on the exam table with his eyes almost non reactive.

The prognosis was that, the salt that we gave him probably caused severe dehydration in his system and might possibly caused ulcer in his gastro intestinal system. Since miniature schnauzers are so prone to Pancreatitis, that could be a possibility. We were advised to leave him there for at least a day to get him hydrated through IV , antibiotics and medication to help with the vomiting. X-rays were negative to any swollen organs, and stucked objects. Had to wait a few hours before the blood work came back.

Jack and I went home and waited for the Dr. to call us. We were exhausted ..

At 6:30pm, the doctor called telling us the the bloodwork showed no signs of pancreatitis so it's probably gastro intestinal bleeding. She said bailey is doing better already.

At 8pm Jack and I went to visit him at the ER, he was definitely looking better. We were told we could take him out for a short walk to clear his IV fluids. Here is a video of us trying to do that.

After 30mins, he finally warmed up after one of his ICU friends came out to take a leak. He even managed to clear his bowels which was very good. We took him back in and was ready to say good bye. Tomorrow the doctor will evaluate his condition with some bland food to see if he can keep it down. If he can keep food down then we should be able to take him home. We really missed him at home...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yummy Chicken ...gulp..gulp

I think his last pose is quite close to the "praying dog pose"

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Devil he's not

MORE pictures of the devil...
Ben and Winnie came over to our place for lunch and to visit Bailey today. They brought cake and the cutest devil outfit for the little one. Bailey had the weirdest reaction towards that outfit, as soon as we put it on he completely freezes and refuse to move. He will not move for treats, watermelon, toys nothing. So we think this outfit magically turns Bailey into the best behaved lap dog in an instant. Here are some pictures of him in the outfit.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Paper Schnauzer

Third time today, and he fled again. I am going to get this dog.. He is now in house arrest and lost all doggie rights to roam the house.

This paper schnauzer is getting swifter, and had fled the crime scene this time.

This is the first crime scene a few weeks ago, the criminal was still caught on site.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bailey playing with Persia

Bailey made a new friend the other day. Since it was blogged about already. I will save myself some typing and just you guys to the post.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Petit lamp shade

Bailey is recovering well from surgery. He is back to his jumpy self. He has to keep this headgear on so that he does not chew on the sutures. We are back to taking him out for potty duty for the next 10 days, as he needs to be supervised from strenuous activities.

He is back to his puppy way of elimination, no signs of marking his territory since the surgery.
Wonder if only dogs which are not neutered aim for the fire hydrant?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ouch..I lost my family jewels

Bailey has quickly grown into a young adult when he feels the need to mark every vertical post he sees. I use to think why is my male puppy not lifting his leg to piss, is he not manly enough?? That changed overnight when he reached 6 months old when he first marked a spot during puppy school. The teacher advised us to get him neutered soon.

Today we send him to the vet to be neutered. We were suppose to pick him up tomorrow but was too eager to see how he is doing so we dropped by the animal hospital. The nurse there was giving us this look like what silly pet owners visiting a pet. Anyways, we went back to see how he was doing. It was a very sad sight to see him with this thing that looks like a lamp shade around his neck to prevent him from biting at the sutures. He was whimpering the whole time and bumping things with his lamp shade.

Well, we'll get to take him home tomorrow. Hopefully he will be better.